Sunday, August 2, 2009

excuse me while i do some motivational speaking

I'm just starting to realise how much I've matured as a writer in the past year or so. I was re-reading my 'Connected Text Study', and I thought it was crap. Crappy crap. I used 'essentially' twice within three sentences! Argh! And what was up with my introduction and conclusion? I mean wtf.

However, when it was marked it recieved an 18 out of 20 (or was it 17? No, I think it was 18. It was an A, nonetheless, woowoo!). That has boosted my confidence so much for this year's CTS, as I know I'm a lot better than I was, so there's no reason why I wouldn't get an A. :) Now I just gotta shut up, stop worrying, stop procrastinating, and WORK DAMMIT.

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