Monday, August 3, 2009

is it too much to ask for a little quiet?

'Do you know why you should be scared of therapists?'
'Ummm, no?'
'Because therapist equals The Rapist!'

Sister told that one to me in the car today and I actually nearly pissed myself.

I have nothing to say. Due to certain traumatic events (ie losing my psychology textbook), I have deemed myself unfit to do homework. Also, I am crying. THAT'S FIFTY BUCKS DOWN THE DRAIN. AND HOW CAN YOU LOSE THAT TEXTBOOK? IT'S LIKE THE SIZE OF FUCKING JUPITER.

Moving right along.

When your opinions differ to popular opinion it's nearly impossible to take a stand. Today, there was just this person who shitted me off so bad. I had a very nice little day dream about shouting at them in the middle of the school, shouting and screaming and saying what I really feel, but I can't. Because that would make me the bad guy. That said, I know other people feel the same way I do. But who would take the screaming person's side if the other person is running away in tears? People would look at me and whisper and say that's the bitch that made them cry.

I'm probably over reacting, I don't think enough people care all too much about the same topic.

I'll just smother myself to keep the person in question happy.

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