Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"we are living in a material world and i am a material girl"


You know what shits me off? When you find the most perfect thing you could have used for your assignment, and it turns out to be something you have to pay for, or a book, or something that is not freely accessible. I have traipsed around the internet trying to find something for a fricken psychology assignment, but no, every completely amazing resource is a BOOK. NOT HELPFUL WHEN IT'S DUE THE NEXT DAY. I am on the verge of despairing and drowning myself in a long, hot shower. Tempting. Or even just giving up and going to bed.

School is a chore at the moment. I used to love it, especially early in the year. I don't know what was propelling me on back then but I've completely lost it now. The thought of double Nutrition tomorrow is making me want to cry. I love the subject, it is interesting, but I really don't want to face like nearly two hours of sitting and listening to talking and taking notes and watching the clock and thinking about him, nothing but him, because I have a one track mind that occasionally verges off into subjects like soup and my body heat but generally comes back to him. Am I pathetic? Yes. Obviously. Oh god my foot has gone numb.

Ugh that feels horrendous.

What I want: a Wii.

More specifically:

a wii
two controllers
a nunchuck
wii sports
wii play
big family games
big beach sports
carnival minigolf
mario kart oh look the blood's returning to my limbs
animal crossing: let's go to the city
mario party 8
super mario galaxy
sonic wii charge and wheel pack

So basically I want a lot of expensive shit.


  1. Awwww. Yeah, school sucks. Once upon a time it was good. But by the time you get to my age and you're still studying, you're a bit beyond it.
    Also, I think all of those random essay sites should be free. Because there is no better resource than someone else's essay on the same topic =P Good luck.