Monday, July 20, 2009

"what if God was one of us?"

I am a very emotional person but sometimes I struggle with sorting all my emotions out. Though perhaps that is the cause: I have too many too work through. I think we're all like that, this raging bitching crying swearing sub human species we generally refer to as teenage girls.

Which would you rather be: a boy or a girl?

I think sometimes I would rather be a boy. Of course now I have him I would reconsider this because he is a boy and he is straight; undoubtedly I would still be in love with him if I was a boy (I love the opposite sex too much to be anything but a gay man) but I think he is most devoutly straight so, yeah, he wouldn't go for me if I had a penis. I once asked him if he'd still love me if I had a sex change but all I got was 'I love you too much to ever let you get a sex change'. That's not an answer, fool. Go suck my imaginary cock. I love you!

It is a hard question though. Would I still love him if he changed into a girl? He would essentially be the same person but there would be something missing, something that wasn't quite right at all. I can't explain it, it all made sense in my head. It would be the biggest mindfuck ever, to be honest. I fall in love with this totally awesome guy and love everything about him, then he turns into a girl: what do I do? What would you do? What would Jesus do?

I'm sure he wouldn't get into the situation in the first place but whatever, it just sounded right.

Ramble ramble.


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