Thursday, July 30, 2009

i have new things!

It occured to me last night that people might actually read this pile of crap. How embarassing.

Anyway, I have news, which certainly won't excite anyone but me. My family bought a new computer! And we ordered wireless! Yes, I know, my mum finally got over her fear of wireless-induced cancer. And now I can go on the laptop it my room! Away from people eating apples! This fills my heart with glee.

The new computer is soooo cute. It's sitting next to me. /pokes. It's shiny and small and black and adorabubble. Mum says that next year I can get one for my room. =D I'd probably just sit there looking at it coz, ya know, that's just how I roll.

@Leish: I sincerely hope that you don't mind but I'm probably going to be stealing some of your movies. Glitta this goes for you too. Just thought I'd let you know, I can't really be bothered asking face to face because you're both at school. But yeah, coz the computer has a dvd burner so I can burn dvds now! =D

Umm.. yeah. That's all I've got. Apologies for the excessively boring blog.


  1. nawww i want a cute computer, mine sucks arse. and i am actually totally buying you a microwave for your birthday.

    Also feel free to borrow my movies, and i'll come show you how to use the dvd burner sometime if you need it still :P

    love choo

  2. hehe, sweet. /cuddles computer. I want one for my room. :D

  3. lol, lets get her an adorable microwave. -tries to picture-.
    In other news, I'm getting a netbook! A titchy little laptop, only $300! :D im gonna need to play lots of stretchy piano to compensate for my hands being squished up by its tiny keyboard lol.
    im gonna go find a picture of a microwave and cutify it for you now.
    for no reason other than that i dont want to go to bed yet :D

  4. Ohhh, those netbooks things are adorably cute. :) I shotgun using it first out of all your friends. Please? 8D