Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"is it me, for a moment? the stars are falling"

Fingers crossed that Mum has bought the wii today. Yes, thrilling, shut the fuck up Leisha, just because you can think of stuff to blog about.

Off to buy his present. >:D

Why are we compelled to inflict pain on the ones we love?

In some cases, it's because I'm buying my boyfriend, whom I seriously love with all my heart, a food stuff that he has sworn he'd never eat. I also made him promise that he'd eat it. He's scared.

But in other cases it could just be a thoughtless word, an intentionally spiteful comment, doing something, anything, that makes them cry. You love them with all your heart, yet you lapse, slip into that selfish part of you that you try so hard to hide but it still comes out, all the time, Jekyll and Hyde style. doctorjimmyandmisterjimwhenimpilledyoudontnoticehim

You're aware that what you're saying or doing will just cause them pain, will bring tears to their eyes and a lump to their throat but you do it anyway. whyohwhy

It doesn't mean you're bad. Everyone does it, don't they?

Human = Fail.

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