Friday, July 24, 2009

"streets are uneven when you're down"

Oh Lord Oh Lord Oh Lord

Driving down a suburban street, father and daughter singing along to the radio, sun is shining, small child steps out of the shade in the middle of the road.


Jerk of the brakes, rush of blood to the head, innocence stares at us with wide eyes.


The other couple watching leaps out of their car, gathers innocence up in their arms and we all wonder about what could have happened. Oblivious innocence waves his hands and frowns at the strangers, who are you?

What if it hadn't been my dad, law abiding safe driver with quick relfexes? What if it had been a hoon, racing down the streets, speeding music blaring nothing can harm me WHAM and another one bites the dust.

Innocence lost, a child's brains dashed across the road, death in suburbia.
A mother weeping, ambulance wailing, grief.
What if?

thank you Lord.


  1. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

    thank god everyone is okay...

  2. -eep-
    Times like this I wish we all lived in futurama and got transported by a system of tubes.
    And i'm with leisha.