Friday, July 24, 2009

"wake up you sleepy head put on some clothes shake up your bed"

Yesterday was the most fantastic, 'up yours, Lauren' which God has ever said to me. Leish and I were at Marion, buying some shiz. We went to Target, where she went to buy two books and her ipod.

Leisha: 'Ohh... Maybe I should shop around for cheaper prices...'
Me: 'Nope, you're buying it here.'
Leisha: 'But...'
Me: 'YOU'RE BUYING IT HERE.' -drags into checkout queue-

Then her card doesn't work. So she freaks out, and we decide to go to Big W to check everything out. And, of course, they have everything for heaps cheaper, and her card worked perfectly. I dunno, I just find that amusing, and I have nothing else to say. I have soup?


  1. hey....
    I'm sorry.....
    I blogged for you, I don't want to say everything twice, but yeah.
    I'm sorry (that i'll say as many times as you want me to)

  2. -giggles-
    Yeah, the biggest up yours ever. i swear God was sitting up there in heaven and he's all like 'hmm i dont want to cause a scene and shoot her down with a lightning bolt........ what shall i do?' lol. -sigh- i love reatil therapy. 'cept i feels like shit today :( hope youth wasnt too bad. sorry i couldnt go