Saturday, July 25, 2009

jesus would be the best shopping buddy

So I was reading the Bible last night, for the first time in ages. I've neglected it for a while, but that's a long story which I can't be bothered telling so let's just stick with this. And so I was reading, and I came across a section in Matthew, thought it looked interesting and so started reading (Matthew 23 if you were interested). And so basically I fell in love with Jesus again, because I had kinda lost sight of who he was and so when I read the Bible I thought he came across as, I dunno, kinda mean, but that's because I'm a douchebag and kinda neglected the part about oh, I dunno, him DYING ON THE CROSS FOR ME. I dunno. Work with me here.

I love it how he doesn't beat around the bush and just says what he's thinking. He was going through all these parables for a while, then just is like, 'yeah, so basically I'm gonna die in two days.' Then later he was like 'So... One of you guys is gonna betray me.' And everyone was like 'no, not me, I would never do something like that /cries', and then Judas was all like 'surely not I' and Jesus was all like 'nah it's you'. Then later Peter's like 'I will never betray you' and Jesus was all like 'nah you will'. You kinda get the feeling that Jesus would have been the most awesome shopping buddy, because you'd be all like 'does this look ok on me?' and he'd be all like 'nah, not really', except you wouldn't be offended because he'd find something else and it's be all like 'but this, you'd look damn fine in this' and you'd love him because you in fact do look damn fine.

It strikes me that I have a very irreligious view on all this, which slightly worries me incase God gets offended but then I realise that Jesus was pretty irreligious himself in the most awesome way possible and so yeah.


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